welcome to Our Studio

Yoganta Yoga


‘Yoganta’ is word we coined to mean ‘Essence of Yoga’. We want to share the wisdom of Yoga is all its facets… Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing), Meditation and Nutrition among others. 

We at Yoganta endeavour to balance the masculine (Shiva) and feminine  (Shakti) energies within us… Right brain and Left Brain, Yin and Yang, Creativity and Analytics. And we represent this with Red (Shakti) and Black (Shiva).

The Logo/mnemonic has many interpretations. At a simplistic level, it is a Seated posture + Breath + Gratitude. It is also a representation of Lotus, that blooms from muddied water (blossoming of the true being in this chaotic world). It represent Fire translating to igniting of the Fire within. The yogi in you might have any other meaning as well.

The font is Sankritised form of English... blending the East with West