I have been a student of yoga from early childhood and look at yoga as a way of life in addition to twisting and turning the body like a pretzel. I teach Yoga to about 200 students a week. I am a STUDENT OF LIFE attempting to understand the essence of who we are and live the life to the fullest. I believe in ancient eastern wisdom for health, peace, love and Life of using body and mind for well-being. My ability to integrate daily experiences with modern day science and tenets of eastern wisdom distinguish my classes and workshops unique and enriching. I am qualified and certified in Yoga, Chair Yoga, Holistic Counselling, Meditation and Nutrition therapist. See you on the mat!


Hannah Corcoran

Although I have practiced yoga for over 12 years, it was when I cleared out from my corporate lifestyle and made time for daily practice that I started to see life with more colour. Yoga has been a key, enabling me to unlock and unfurl the deeper layers, the truth that runs beneath the surface of my ideas and muscle fibres - the essence of who I really am. I am passionate about sharing this experience with anyone who also wants to run a little deeper or seeks respite from their urban life.

I believe that yoga is for EVERYbody, and am passionate about finding ways to create time out of their busy schedules to help people to stop, breathe, connect, step closer to their true self and uncover their limitless potential. I invite you to come and share this practice with me.


Mishka Q

 A yoga practitioner for more than 10 years, Mishka has practiced many styles of yoga ( bikram, power yoga, hot yoga) and currently practice yin, meditation, vinyasa and ashtanga. Initially, she practiced for physical fitness however with long term practice, she finds yoga benefits her both physically and mentally. Yoga has blessed and changed her life and she is passionate to share this gift of yoga to others. She loves designing her class with the focus on relating breath to movement and tailor it to be accessible to beginners, while also challenging for the more experienced students.  

Amrit Kendrick



Amrit has practiced yoga for many years and was particularly drawn to the teachings of BKS Iyengar.  She has taught since 2002 in Perth.  For most of those years she taught twice a week at the Yoga Company in Subiaco.  She creates sequences for her students which appear gentle, but at the end you know you have had a good work out.  Your entire body gets enlivened.  And you become more aware of your breath.

An American accent and a Sanskrit name have come to her through her diverse life.  She welcomes new people, experienced people and people with older bodies, who like a diverse approach.

Jason Pachol


 Jason is a Canadian yoga instructor with over 20 years practice as a student and 8 years teaching experience across Australia, Bali and India. Discovering yoga after recovering from back and shoulder injuries, Jason found yoga to help with pain management and restore his body, he now lives pain free.  Jason is also passionate to inspire and educate the students on the wisdom of yoga in a safe and supportive environment all with a sense of humour!  

Corina Young


 My vision is to use yoga to empower families. I love sharing the gift of yoga and I am lit up by connecting people to their mind, body and breath. I enjoy teaching lots of different styles of yoga such as Vinyasa, Restorative, Prenatal and Children’s Yoga. Morning is my favourite time to practice and I enjoy greeting the day with an energetic Vinyasa. What a beautiful way to start the day - rolling out a mat, opening up, coming alive and then walking out into the day in a state of peace. Restorative yoga is a great way to end the day - finding a state of relaxation while being fully supported. We live in a fast paced world where lot of things are go, go, go. Allowing yourself to be in the space of relaxation can improve sleep and allow time to reflect inwards.